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Allied Medical Supply is a 24/7 sourcing service provider. We locate the necessary life saving drugs that patients need and deliver them to the healthcare provider for immediate use. Hospitals use Allied as a secondary supplier to locate drugs during a shortage.

When the call is received from a hospital, Allied's purchasing group starts searching a nationwide network of fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers for that drug. That network then reaches out to their network of licensed wholesalers (and so forth) and as a result, hundreds of licensed wholesalers are then searching for that drug.

Drugs purchased by Allied will have already been sold (and marked up) several times between different licensed wholesalers throughout the network before they are even offered to Allied. Upon purchase and receipt we then inspect the drug to ensure its original manufacturer packaging integrity as well as the validity of its related documentation using the highest industry standards as defined by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

We then transport that drug directly to the hospital pharmacy (in many cases via same day courier) for immediate use. Product searching, locating, acquisition, delivery and usage by the hospital all usually occurs within 48 to 72 hours. In some cases, our searching team can take weeks to locate just 1 unit of a drug but once we do, we verify with the hospital that they are still in need of the drug and then begin the acquisition, inspection and transportation process.

The process of locating, transporting and delivering drugs to healthcare providers for real time urgent need is a very expensive and time consuming process. Allied does not bill a service fee for any of our services and associated expenses incurred.

Products have been marked up several times prior to being purchased by Allied. Hospitals ultimately approve the higher cost in order to be able to perform life saving procedures. Allied does not purchase drugs at traditional wholesale contract prices. Only hospitals can purchase drugs for their true wholesale cost. Allied's cost of a drug is many times higher than the typical hospital cost for that exact same drug.

Allied acquires product on a real time, on demand basis. As such, Allied does not hoard or stock pile drugs. Drug shortages are impossible to predict and are caused by many factors, all outside of Allied's control.

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