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What causes a drug shortage?

Our Solution - How we serve the nation's hospitals

Allied Medical Supply is one of the nation's largest and most reliable specialty pharmaceutical distribution companies serving the medical community. Our distribution facility meets or exceeds all state, national, DEA and Board of Pharmacy requirements and standards. Our facility, policies and procedures have been approved by the DEA and board of pharmacy. Periodic surprise inspections ensure the integrity of our facility and the drugs we handle.

We focus on supplying the nation's public, private, non-profit, government agency, medical & patient care facilities and healthcare providers. Allied Medical Supply provides pharmaceutical supply and related services designed to fulfill urgent needs and expedite patient outcomes.

We strive to increase patient care by using our supply chain expertise and related operating efficiencies to drive significant value for our customers. In addition to delivering pharmaceuticals to healthcare facilities and providers around the country, we provide ongoing extensive market research to our customers in order for them to be best prepared for unforeseen distribution channel inefficiency and product availability disruptions.

Allied Medical Supply is committed to the safety and security of the nation's pharmaceutical supply chain. We only purchase branded and generic pharmaceuticals directly from licensed and accredited pharmaceutical distributors.

It is our vital, life saving nationwide sourcing and delivery services that has resulted in Allied being the company to call when a patients life is on the line. Allied Medical Supply's service dramatically reduces patient suffering and results in countless lives saved each and every day during a shortage as well as lower long term healthcare costs as a result of a procedure being able to be preformed sooner rather than later.

Quality, dependability and expedited service and delivery have always been the hallmark of Allied Medical Supply. Our professional and courteous account management team is committed to serving the medical community. Let us serve you today!

Current Drug Shortages:

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